A Letter Sent to Powerful People

Thanks for your time today. [This is a public sharing of a letter sent to the powerful]

I’m a disabled intersectional individual experiencing homelessness, and the majority of systems I have encountered have been detrimental. Should you like information about specifics, please try and I’ll get to them in sequence.

I am concerned for how there is a correlation-causation spiral when the assistance and medical services, while listed as non profit or subsidized by taxpayer money,  require a patient in order to operate, creating demand for heads in beds for financial benefit. This maintains a state of instability and a potential for exploit for the “clients”, as TCCC refers to “us.”  Reducing the need for shelter systems while promoting autonomy and self awareness will decrease crime levels, by allowing people to find their purpose in life and actively contribute to society. This will decrease trafficking of people for labour or sex work, and allow for everyone to live up to their potential. Regulation and supplementation of currently deemed inferior jobs will allow for information to be used to better the system instead of attacking the victims and perpetrators, creating a feedback loop of deficit. Support in these avenues will decrease addiction, with an ability for resources to be focused on proactive treatments and non-disordered attachment to habits/people/things instead of merely getting by through the (apparently profitable) act of basic existence.

This is why I’m emailing, asking (PLEADING) for your support when calling for basic income for all and true assistance for issues such as identity fraud, emotional unwell, unattended illness, and the other issues that create a need for stable housing and emergency costs on systems, that ultimately cost the tax payers.  I have been seeking assistance  and advocating for solutions to these issues since 2019, and earlier.

Already vulnerable victims are sent from one shelter to another, with every transfer a chance to lose further trust in the systems, or to disappear, or to have racketeered costs that create a life of servitude.

It is necessary, in order to call yourselves helpers, that victims are not a product of your supply chain, and have an easier means of getting assistance from familial and societal abuse, rather than maintaining essentially a for-profit harm system. The separation of animals from their owner (when this practice is seen as discrimination during renting) tears apart families and further undermines trust in already overburdened systems, and individual wellbeing.

I am writing this not knowing where I’ll be sleeping tomorrow, or if I will have lost everything I have ever owned beyond what I could carry when I was evicted against the outcome of a LTB hearing.

All I am asking for is what has been promised in Canada; a right to existence free from prosecution as written in the laws and policies. Somewhere between the concept and the deployment, there is fundamentally a breakdown, where I have been excluded from the right to fair work, vote, complete the census, personal religion, the right to be myself with equal opportunity, the right to medical care without experiencing conversion therapy or further abuse and the right to be happy.

If that’s not possible, then I insist that Canada’s legal representation update Canada’s regulations, as this is a bait and switch/ponzi scheme for individuals currently living, visiting or moving to Canada, and I do not consent as a citizen to this fundamental illegality. The unseen cost of living has created a country of slavery, that is kept invisible by the security that initial wealth has assured you, and the comfort of capitalistic placating from businesses. 

I hope to hear from you,

(Rebecca Pixley)


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