Straight-Up Nazi BS

Main concerns:

  • Accommodation for Panic Disorder: Unmet
  • Quality of Unit: Unaddressed
  • Destruction of Possessions: Unclear
  • Threatening/Shunning Behaviour by Landlord: Continuing

I’m not posting this to “cause a scene”, but I am concerned for my welfare; I feel unsafe, the police and LTB have used misgendering as an attempted provocation while ignoring the contributing factors that have led to this global cost of living protest, which really speaks to the issue that unwed women/gender-diverse individuals are treated as though they are second-class citizens.

Also, my landlord has (apparently) spoken to my father more than they have spoken to me, and I have not had any access to regain possessions (it’s much beyond the 72 hours post eviction).

A sister has messaged with more information than they have a right to have, threatening me and offering to pack my things up (why do I not have access to the unit o pack my things up?) My neighbour seemed to be friends with my father.

The building had been registered as a convent, which led to me not being able to complete the census or vote.

My origin town is rich with cults; Third Day Church is the main one that comes to mind with the specific targeting profile. I have mentioned this to police with no response but more conversion abuse. It’s more insidious than shock therapy, it’s gone into the medical field with isolated tiers of treatment.

Is this all because I refuse to be paying the unspoken-debts of family through unpaid/low paid work? Even a brother had wanted me to do a low-paid one off job, my parents had suggested “just making websites and asking stores if they want them”. The professional union I was/am (unsure) a member of did not react to my request for help from being exploited for labour, including that a component of graduating from St.Lawrence College required an unpaid placement.

This is full-blown nazi shit, and they’re trying to kill me and my cats.

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