The State of Things

I’ve lost a lot by speaking about the issues, and it’s making me think we’re living in a remote dictatorship.

If you haven’t been 100% supportive of Canada and it’s “leaders”, they try to kill you, especially if you’re one that can carry a child and have chosen not to. I am not yet married, nor looking to be forced into the breeding or child rearing industries when I am the first to acknowledge the inherited trauma I hold. I am embarrassed of how awful family can be with raising children when they cannot emotionally regulate in the slightest. As soon as autonomy is taken, it’s become a hellish trafficking scenario.

I have not been able to get healthcare support, which leads to further deficits. This is despite working since before 16 and always contributing to taxes through work deductions. Is this a secret blood libel I’m a victim of?

When going to school (school and affiliates including staff, mind you, that has since blocked gainful employment and further labour trafficked students,) I worked 2-3 jobs at any given time out of necessity. This is a religious-based institution, without religion incorporated into the curriculum called St.Lawrence college, but Queens University (the other local option) is not much better, and more expensive.

I’ve been fired from Subway when I had the flu, instead of them understanding that no one wants someone who’s ill making them a consumable. McDonalds had paid “student wage” that was below minimum wage.

I have been diagnosed with genetic differences causing widespread chronic fatigue; this just means I need to sit down more than the average joe, not that I’m a dud. I cannot find a job that accommodates this during a pandemic and have had technological isolation after working at and blowing the whistle on an international tech company (Shopify) firing me without following Canadian standards of employment, including socially engineered misinformation. YOU may even be controlled by them if you’ve ever purchased something from an online store (name, address, financial info, phone number… What else would be needed for the merchant/SAAS provider/employee of either to steal your identity?)

My faith in the systems of power are minimal at best. I am underhoused and in an insecure position as far as a future. Police have assisted me and directed to non-inclusive supports that further disenfranchise individuals. Why stay silent?

Canada is a for-profit medical and human trafficking hotspot; The rest of the world wants us to remain easy pickings for cheap organs, wives/husbands/caretakers, and exploitive jobs with a high cost of living. If like to have the rights that have been promised through the charter of rights and freedoms. I want a chance to be my own person, yet am punished for speaking about this. Apparently I should be grateful to have been born, yet it wasn’t consensual.

I’ve worked hard, been honest, yet I’m left to be abandoned. What does it take to not be a single-serve person? And they wonder why fight clubs develop. Canada has even released a retirement tontine program; the fraudsters are pushing to get a reaction. Families keepers, abduction…Forcing the “old ways” so they can verbally abuse you and complete Alexander G. Bell’s oralist mission.

I won’t go down without a fight, so if Kingston’s mayor, a bonefide cult member (Third Day Church, see more here: is willing to try to kill me all “Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks” style because  I won’t fit the heteronormative model and become a sunshine gal, or be labour trafficked like this is handmaid’s tale, so be it. Give it a shot, Show your colors. I won’t be a martyr because I’ll stick around, all while haunting your ass, and I’m protecting others like me by existing thus far. And if you’re thinking “Phew, this sucks but glad it’s not me”, tomorrow it will be. Help now or gtfo.

You don’t have to like us, but you damn well have to respect us and provide equitable care since we have been contributing to your pension and salary. You also don’t have a job without your citizens, and killing the “unfavorables” isn’t an option for you, friend. If you’re not picking the side of autonomy you’re picking the side of dictatorship and oppression, human trafficking and black market organ sales.

And trust us, you’re not our type. No need to have your bearded fear of “the gays”, or meddle in directing our orientation. Sex has sold too much for a sustainable future but good thing we can fix it. Or let us die, whatever. People are people (yes even the polyamorous pansexuals) and you should focus on stopping exploitive Ponzi schemes and getting your house in order instead of trying to pair people up for the ark to fit your delusional narrative of how humans should be.

Maybe I’m spicy, but I’m not crazy. If you’re not angry too you’re not paying attention, and it’s just a matter of time before you’re on this side of things. Believe it or not, buckle up.

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