We Are Captives (but we don’t have to be)

Following social protocols isn’t inherently good or bad, particularly when we look at who has created the protocols.

Governments originated from powerful families and gangs, stemming from unilateral decision making and commandments while developing into what we think of as democracy (hidden behind suppressed or uncounted votes and changing the parties stance after being elected to office; this is the “world order” conspiracy theorists refer to.)

When money gets tight for governments, they turn to the nearest Mr/s. Moneybags, whether it’s a company, magnate, fockafeller, etc. They’re the real sugar baby here, doing whatever they have to get momma a new pair of Luis Vuitton’s.

Looking at America as an example, they have created a poverty enforcement strategy where the cost of living is increased for the poor through limited buying power (ie cost of one unit versus buying in bulk.)

The boot analogy is another one; buying low quality footwear is the only option for the poor to be shoe-clad, yet cheap shoes last nowhere near as long, leading to a higher amount of money spent on footwear year over year. Compare that to the wealthy’s capacity to buy one good pair of footwear that lasts longer.

Furthermore, even the act of speaking about these issues has created a triangulated anti-peace format. Regardless of the democratic status of your country, speaking of negative experiences opens you up for local attack from government or police enforcement. (To serve and protect who?)

The global missions of tech companies are communicated through feel-good branding speak, while their ulterior motives reign supreme; look at Huawei or Tencent, Google or Shopify: massively overpowered and only speaking to the executives when problem solving, with a goal of more money instead of a better experience for end users. Ethics don’t play into it and it ends up being a big game of Magic the Gathering, trying to see how much destruction and pillaging they can commit before getting caught, raising stakes to price out the little guys and only “play with their own”. They see everyone as SIMPsons, sheeple (whatever your preferred verbiage is.)

Those in stable positions have usually been born into them, knowing that they will inherit their families business, home, investments, etc. It’s taken for granted that they have a safety net, to the point of not even seeing that they’ve been living above. Those who have worked their way to that position have a different attitude (better, worse, it’s hard to tell) with more fear of scarcity from feeling the altitude they had to climb to get there.

It’s like being shuttled up a mountain via gondola, dropped off by helicopter or trekking it; the reality is the chance to see the mountain at all is one few individuals experience. You have a different appreciation for the mountain, and trekking it is only an option for those with good shoes and a high-endurance body.

And companies profit off of this; they pay lots of money in identifying people, places, and things with “potential”, wanting to get in around the fifth floor (not in the start up days when theres hard work to do, not when it’s know enough to be a tall building, but middle enough to get credit and erase the early expeditions for their ego,) to develop fast and cheap, usually ruining the potential they fell for, knowing should they fail they have baskets with other eggs to fall back on.

They burn through great branding to be first to market, while not knowing where they’re going. It’s an information boom that has repercussions they fail to consider for anything but profit. They burn through hard workers to get what they can, knowing they can get them a dime a dozen from their poverty enforcement strategy. They leverage triangles through love bombing and abuse, do-si-doing around as good guy, bad guy, victim, hoping their costume changes hide their identity. Wait, not costume changes; rebrands.

Insider deals are hidden through executive matrimony and undiaclosed-affiliations, knowing if they can’t beat ’em, they can buy ’em. They hire those inheriting money from family to kill ’em and claim the unclaimed potential wealth. Hiring based on name, for what’s in a name, that which we call a captive isn’t as sweet once they realize.

Employment becomes a gag order, with companies being 50 shades of shady, nagging and coercing people into becoming what they want while tricking them into thinking it’s their idea. Firing them for business needs while continuing to implement their words and processes, taking what they can get and leapfrog lover-lapping their hiring teams, thinking they’re doing the Lord’s work (which lord though?)

They love to hang out on the intersections, looking for the tough streetwalkers they know no one will miss because of their spunk, while stealing their perspective and sterilizing it for public consumption. They must have a spreadsheet somewhere, clicking boxes to see what options ends up with the most zeros, the biggest green.

Anyways, being homeless, jobless, unsupported, frustrated with the gag orders and stoic silence from those elected to serve and protect (wait, that’s police) of our citizens, preferring to resorting to a tantrum and hiding behind “I was told to”, perpetuating the trauma and abuse of the intersectional that’s delayed in court, hoping they just forget or get so frustrated it’s not worth the effort of following up, hiding behind another behaviour now…

It’s too hot to handle, too cold to hold. And they call themselves the fold standard of adulthood, citing we (the activists) are too irresponsible, too reactive, too MUCH to be heard out.

Just answer my damn email already. Trust me, it’s better for you to communicate through writing than having to face me verbally.

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