Sent to Services of Care

As per short term disability leaves from Shopify, I require text-based communications due to disability. Being told I need to call in furthers damage my wellbeing creating further costs for the tax payer. 

I cannot afford to eat or be housed due to the cost of living and I refuse to be goaded into signing up for MAID as these issues have been manufactured by government interference. My communications have and remain to be in line with constructive criticism. The government has forgotten that they work for the citizens and instead act as though the citizens work for them, at no pay, which constitutes slavery. Basic income would resolve a lot of future lawsuits. 

Labour trafficking is defined as under or unpaid work. I have attempted to speak to local representatives of government, who have paid into their party to have a platform for representation, and I cannot afford to be labour trafficked energetically, and cannot afford financially to pay into parties that do not represent me, instead using me as free labour. 

Systems that rely on volunteering are inherently exploitive, and captivity powered. 

Time doesn’t stop on the weekend; I have to find ways to eat, and the police systems do not care about citizens due to quotas as they act as personal enforcement for systems of captivity. If this is something this system does not want to engage in, I 8nsist on this being forwarded to the individuals that would handle these concerns, as I have emailed police and politicians directly and they have “passed the buck.”

The government has lost empathy out of lack of experience, and many of my factors of disability have been manufactured from systemic and familial abuse that I have been seeking support from from the systems that claim to help. I refuse to resort to shelters that perpetuate gender-based violence and “meet cute” trafficking for predators benefit. All, given the current systems of care, are deserving of autonomy and solo living as targeted abuse is rampant. 

Education opened me up to be targeted by teachers for low or unpaid work. There is currently no way to get ahead without exploiting the planet, it’s animals or inhabitants, solely due to unethical policy. 

It’s not out of line to insist the systems experience the reform that has been being pushed onto citizens. I have done everything within my power and logic capacities to be as well as possible, and it’s unacceptable to be expected to just not eat, yet will be punished for disordered eating should I again be unnecessarily hospitalized for others’ motives (ie. Avoiding trouble from their abuse).

What does the system want from me? I have offered my skills as an employee, I have looked to find opportunities for my own entrepreneurial endeavors, only to have other people sabotage and scam my attempts. I have been trafficked in romantic situations like being a non-consensual second wife while being moved to another city. Police have not helped, while my ex partner has made it clear they have inside connections (their uncle built a hospital I was interred at, drove Winston Churchill during their leadership). 

I aim to have my own family at some point, but what seems to be family and ex partners perpetuating violence has weakened my ability to trust and be autonomous. I refuse to be a ghost-worker for men or women who continue to enforce the gender wars of dehumanization for others benefits when I have worked hard to become as stable as I have, despite all odds. I have been abused on all scales (small to large) and it’s been over a month since I was determined to be disabled by the independent tribunal, in ways that have been genetically verified, and my history of having worked ins service work was out of necessity and created personal deficit and enabled stalking and harassment. I would not have survived should I have stayed at my parents house, as they are abusive and demeaning. 

I have been seeking legal assistance in issues so as not to be reliant on the government supports, yet have encountered wide-spread issues like infiltration of the offending company in the legal sphere, disabling my ability to even recieved legal support, which is a basic right. 

My identity is human, and I do not consent to male or female treatment, but rather the rights that are supposed to be extended to individuals (both). The issue lies in that there appear to be different rights for men vs women in practice that are not outlined in documentation. 

I need money for food, yet it feels the government is trying to push people to crime to minimize the original population to justify higher immigration, to turn around and scam them with “international student” rates vs local student (as a comparative reference in the educational schemes). 

What is needed to be treated with dignity and respect, and to generally survive? I understand you’re not reading this from the same emotion I am sending this, but the compassion fatigue the workers are facing contributes to further harm ot already vulnerable individuals. 


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