Another Communication Attempt | City Officials

I have contacted local representation. There has been no reply. I’d appreciate assistance in advocating to provincial representatives the struggles those on ODSP face, the stigma in accomadated employment, and how the systems of support promote human trafficking through financial captivity and destabilization.

The provincial representatives do not have time to respond to all citizen requests, however a message of the issues from a government employee would encourage a respectful conversation.

All I am seeking is to be respected and be able to engage in my civic duty. I have been on the reviewing end of conversion abuse and shunning due to municipal politics and the mayoral beliefs, and victim services have not assisted with any repairations from ~30 years of abuse that has been reported to educational institutions, police, healthcare providers, politicians from municipal to federal tiers, etc. with no support provided. This leads em to believe these systems are complicit in collusion and targeted harassment.

I have also reported to you, my case worker, and as the home based housing requires accessing CRA for tax information (which has been reported to police that I cannot, that my tech appears to be insecure so as calling to regian online access [requiring address for security code receipt, which is not currently available] and I have encountered social engineering when trying to regain secure access) I have been unable to access the supports you have recommended. I am sure I am not an isolated case, with others possibly operating with a deficit/weaknesses in communication due to different life experiences and levels of education/confidence in advocacy.

Please advise, as it has been/is coming up to ~ 3 months with Kingston ODSP where I have been without stable lodging and without acknowledgement/accomodation in finding employment and engaging in society/affirmative civic duty.

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