United Empire Loyalists

I believe there is marriage trafficking with the intent to keep the money in the UEL family, sometimes to the extent of in-marrying (my brother married his cousin, and I believe my family has been trying to kill me through medical trafficking, alternating between assault and neglect, due to refusal of relationships of politics). 

I believe family wants to falsify data and information (identity fraud/theft) by using proxies to harm (including Canadian medical and government institutions) to “protect their legacy” at my expense. 

My mother’s side is Reynolds and Ruttan, my father’s side is Pixley, Rankin, and Burnett. I’m unsure of other names.

Past partners and interested parties have been mostly exclusively from this list, and I am concerned of the abuse and targeting (feelings of being hunted) that I have faced due to refusing to marry for politics. 

Should this be happening it’s an infringement on my human rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the hoarding of wealth is a poor reflection of Canada and their inclusion as this affects every Canadian citizen. 

Given the widespread collusion and refusal of services by government-sponsored supports and my past and present social advocacy, I have to assume there is some correlation and caste/status based discrimination. 

Almost everyone I had gone to school or worked with had these last names, in what I believe is segregation and monopolization of resources/authority which has created social issues and disparity for the majority of Canadian citizens. 

I believe this is a contributing factor to the medical (and otherwise) trafficking I have experienced. 

Please help, I need the abuse to stop without ending in my death. 

Please do the right thing (for those of UEL heritage reading this) and stop being so selfish and destructive of Canadian values. 




Abbot, Abel, Abernathy, Abrahams, Ackerland, Ackerman, Acres, Adams, Aelick, Ahagey, Airhart, Akey, Algar/Alger, Alguire, Alkenbrack, Allen, Alley, Allison, Allum, Althouse, Alyea, Amberger, Amey, Anderson, Anglin, Ansley/Anslie, Appleby, Appleton, Apps, Armstrong, Arnold, Arnoldi, Ashley, Asselstine, Auburn, Augustine, Ault, Aurie, Austin, Aylesworth

Babbit, Babcock Backus, Badar, Badgely, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Barber, Barker, Barkley, Barnardo, Barnhart, Barr, Barrick, Barrigar, Bartlett, Bartley, Bastedo, Bate(s), Bauder, Baxter, Beasley, Beaubien, Becker, Bedard, Bedell, Beebe, Beeckman, Beeman, Belanger, Belihouse, Bell, Bellamy, Bellyou/Belyea, Belnap, Bemsley, Benn, Bennett, Benoit, Benson, Berdan, Bergen, Berry, Bethune, Bettes/Bettys, Beverly, Bibby, Bidwell, Biggar, Bilow, Bininger, Bird, Birks, Bissell, Black, Blackburn, Blake, Blakely Bleecker, Bogart, Bonesteel/Bonisteel, Bongard, Bonter /Banta, Booth Borland, Botting, Boulton, Bowen, Bower(s), Bowerman, Bowser, Box, Boyce, Bradshaw, Bradt, Brand, Brandt, Brant, Breakenridge, Breault, Brennan, Brewer, Briant/Bryant, Brickman, Brinkeroff, Brisbin, Briscoe, Bristol, Bristow, Brock, Brokaw, Brookes, Brooks, Brosseau, Brouse, Brower, Brown, Brownell, Brownson, Buchanan, Buchner, Buck, Buell, Bull, Bullard, Bullied, Bunnell, Burdeck, Burdette, Burgess, Burk, Burleigh/Burley, Burnett, Burnham, Burnt, Burr, Burt, Burtch, Bush, Butland, Butler, Butterfield, Bygott

Cadman, Cahoon/Colquhoun, Calnan, Calver, Calvin, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Campney, Campsall, Canavan, Canniff, Cannon, Card, Carl, Carleton, Carley, Carman, Carnahan, Carnian, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carscalllen, Carson, Carter, Carther, Cartwright, Casavan, Casey, Cass, Casselman, Cassidy, Castle, Caton, Caverl(e)y, Cavin, Cecil, Chalmers, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chantler, Chapman, Charbonneau, Chase, Chester, Chevalier, Child, Childerhose, Chisholm, Choate, Chrysler, Church, Clancy, Clapp, Clark(e), Clayton, Cleave, Clement, Clench, Clendennen, Clifford, Cline, Clire, Close, Clothier, Clow, Clute, Coates, Cochran, Colborn, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Commadore, Condon, Conger, Conkey, Conklin, Conway, Cook, Cooney, Coons, Cooper, Copeland, Corbman, Corkey, Cornelius, Cornell, Corner, Cossit, Cotter/Cottier, Couch, Coulter, Countryman, Courvoisier, Covell, Coville, Cox, Cramer/Kreamer, Crandall, Crankshaw, Craven, Crawford, Cronk, Cronkhite, Crook, Cross, Crouse, Crowder, Crowell, Crowley, Crowther, Crysdale, Cryderman,  Crysler, Cummings, Cuncannon, Cunningham, Curlette, Curtis, Curtise, Curwen

Dafoe, Dainard, Dallenbach, Dame, Dancy, Daniel(s), Darling, Daverne, Davey/Davy, Davis, Dawson,  Day, Dayfoot, Deacon, Deane, De Bevoise, Decker, Dedler, Dedrick, DeForest, DeGroff, DeLacourt, DeLancey. Delong, DeLonguil, DeMille, Demorest, Dempsey, Denike, Denison Dennis, Denyesm Derbyshire, Deremo, DeRoybonm, Detlor, Dever, Dewar, Dewit, Diamond, Dibble, Dickson, Dillion, Diminie, Dingle, Dingman, Dingwall, Dixon, Dochstader, Doige, Donovan, Doran, Dorland, Dougall, Dougherty, Douglas, Dow, Downes, Doxsee, Drader, Draper, Dresser, Driskill, Drysdale, Duffett, Duke, Dulmage, Dulyea, Dumond, Duncan, Dune, Dunham, Dunmead, Dunn, Dupre, Dusenbury, Dyas, Dyer/Dyre

Eamer, Eamon, Eastman, Eckert, Edgar, Edison, Edmunds, Ellenor, Ellerbeck, Elliott, Elmslie, Elsworth, Embury, Emerson, Emery, Emichen, Empey, Ennis, Everson Evertse

Fairbairn, Fairbanks, Fairfield, Fairman, Falyard, Farquharson, Farr, Farrell, Farrington, Fauconnier. Faulkner, Feake, Fee, Fennell, Ferguson, Fetterly, Field, Fike/Fyke, File, Fillingham, Filson, Finch, Finkle, Finlay, Fish, Fisher, Fiske, Fitchett, Fitzgerald, Flagler, Fletcher, Flewelling, Flynn, Forge, Forneri, Forshee/Forshay, Forsyth(e), Foster, Fowler, Fox, Foxton, Fraleigh/Fralick, Franklin, Fraser, Frederick, Freel, Freeman, Frees, French, Fretz, Frey, Frink, Frizzell, Froom, Fulford, Fuller, Fulton, Furse/Furze

Gaffield, Gallagher, Gallinger, Galloway, Galt, Gardiner, Garner, Garrison, Garrow, Geddes, Geen, German, Gerolamy, Geroux/Gerow, Gibbard, Gilbert/Gillbert, Gilburt, Gilchrist, Gilcrist, Gillespie, Gilligan, Gilmour, Giroux, Gist, Glassford, Gleason, Gober, Goheen, Golding, Goldsbury, Goldsmith, Gooderham, Gordonier, Gould, Gourley, Graham, Grant, Grass, Green, Greenwood, Greer, Griffin, Griffith/Griffis, Grover, Gunn, Gunsolus, Gunter, Gurren

Hadley, Hagan, Hagedorn, Hagerman, Haggerty, Haight, Haines, Haldimand, Hale, Haley, Hall, Halliday, Ham, Hamilton, Hampton, Hand, Hankinson Hanlon, Hannah, Hannon, Harder, Hare, Haring, Harple, Harrier, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Harten/Hartin, Hartman, Hartwick, Harwood, Hastings, Haven, Haviland, Hawes, Hawkins, Hawley, Hawn, Hayes, Hayword, Hazlitt, Hearns/Herns, Heck, Hegadorn, Helmer, Hemetty/Henratty, Henderson, Hendry, Henion, Hennessy, Henry, Herchmer/Herkimer, Hermance, Hess, Hicks, Hill, Hillier, Hitchins, Hodge, Hodgins, Hodgkinson, Hodgson,  Hoffnagle, Hogan, Hogeboom, Hogg, Hogle, Holden, Holditch, Holecomb, Holland, Hollinger, Holmes, Home, Hoolahan, Hooper, Hoover/Hover, Hopkins, Hoppe, Horsey, Horsley, Hough, Howard, Howe, Howell, Hubbard, Hubble, Hubbs, Hudgins, Huff, Huffman, Huffnail/Hoffnagle, Hughes, Hughson, Humphrey, Hunter, Hurlburt, Huston, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Huyck(e), Hymers

Ingersoll, Ingraham, Ireland, Irish, Irwin

James, Jameson, Jarvis, Jayne, Jenks/Jinks, Jenkins, Jenne, Jessup, Jewett, Johns, Johnson,  Johnston, Jones, Joyce/Joice, Jubb, Judd

Kaiser, Kalnan, Kast, Kavanauch, Kearney, Keck, Keech, Keegan, Keeler, Keffer, Keim, Keller, Kelly, Kelsey, Kemp, Kennedy, Kenny, Kerfoot, Kerns, Ketcheson, Ketching, Keyes, Kidd, Kilborn, Kilburn, Killingbeck, Killoran, Kimmerl(e)y, Kimmett, Kincaid, King, Kingston,  Kingsbury, Kipp, Kirkpatrick, Knapp, Knight, Knowles

Lacey, Laird, Lake, Lambey, Lamont, Lamson, Land, Landon, Lane, Langford, Lapp, Lar(r)away, LaRue, Lasher, Latta, Laughien, Laughlin/Laughlen Lawler, Lawrason, Lawrence, Lawson, Layton, Lazier, Leacy/Lacey, Leahy/Lehigh,  Leake, Leavens, Leavitt, Lee, Leeman, Legerwood, Leloughery, Lemoine, Lent, Leonard, LeRoy, Lever, Lewis, Lightheart, Lindsey, Link, Little, Livingston, Lloyd, Lobdell, Lockwood, Loft, London, Long, Longuil, Loring, Losse, Lossing, Loucks, Love, Lovett, Lowe, Lowry, Loyst, Lucas, Luffman, Lyman

Mabie, Macauly, MacDonald, Mace, MacIntosh/McIntosh, MacIntyre/McIntyre, Mack, Mackay, Mackee, MacKenna/McKenna, MacKenzie, Maclean, MacNutt, MacPherson, Madden, Magee, Maguire, Mahoney, Mallory, Malone, Malott, Mandevell, Manery, Mangum, Mann, Manning, Manson, Markell, Markle, Marks, Marr, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Mat(t)hews, Maybee, Mayhews, Mayne, McAdam, McAlpin, McBurney, McCabe, McCargar, McCarthy, McColl, McCombs, McConnell, McCormick, McCornock, McCowan, McCrae, McCready, McCrimmon, McCrudden, McCumber, McCutcheon, McDonald, McDonell, McDougall, McDowall, McFadyen, McGee, McGillivray, McGuigan, McGuin, McGuinness, McIlmoyle, McKay, McKee, McKenzie, McKim,  McKinnon, McKittrick, McLaughlin, McLaughton, McLean, McLeod, Mcllwaine, McMahon, McMaster(s), McMechan, McMillan, McMullin, McNab(b), McNairn, McNiff, McQuoid, McRae, McTaggart, McTeer, Meacham, Meagher, Medd, Medill, Meeks, Membury/Membery, Mercier, Merkley, Merriam,  Merrick, Merrit, Merwims, Meyers/Myers, Mikel, Miles, Miller, Milligan,  Mills, Minaker, Mink, Mitchell, Mitz/Mitts, Mix, Moffat, Monaghan, Monk, Montour, Moon, Moore, Morden, Morey, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Mosier, Mowat, Mullett, Mullins, Mulvihill, Mumby, Munro, Munson, Murdoch, Murdoff, Murphy,

Nairne. Nash, Nealon/Neelon, Neff, Nellis, Nettleton, Newcombe, Nichol, Nicholson, Nightingale, Niles, Nobles, Noonan, Norton, Novil, Noxon, Nugent, Nuttall, Nutter

Oakley, Odell, Ogden, Ogilvie, Oliver, Oronhyatekha, Orser, Osbourne, Osterhout, Ostrander, Ostrum, Ott, Oulette, Outwaters, Owens

Page, Palmateer, Palmer, Papst, Parcels, Parjons, Parkenson, Parker, Parks, Parliament, Parnell, Parrot(t), Patterson, Paul, Pauling, Payton, Pearsoll, Pearson, Peck/Peake, Peffley, Pells, Pennal, Percy, Perkins, Perry, Peters, Peterson, Petit, Pettifer, Pettingale, Pettit, Philipps, Phippen, Pickard, Pickle, Pickler, Pierpoint, Pillar, Pine, Pitman, Pixley, Plamondon, Platt, Pocahantas, Pomeroy, Post, Potter, Powell, Powers, Powley, Prear, Presley, Preston, Price, Priestman, Prindle, Pringle, Prout, Provins, Puffer, Pulver, Punchard, Purdy, Purvis

Quackenbush, Quaker, Quammadore, Quick

Rabb, Radford, Raines, Ramsey, Rankin, Ranney, Ransier/Rancier, Rapson, Rathbun, Rawlinson, Raynor, Redden, Redding, Redick, Redner/Rednor, Rees/Reece, Reid/Read/Reed, Remsen, Renaud, Rendalls, Rennie, Reppard, Reynolds, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Rickey, Ridely, Ridout, Riedesel, Rightmeyer, Rikely, Rittwage, Rixon, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roblin, Rockwell, Rogers/Rodgers, Rombough, Rooney, Root, Rorabeck, Rose, Rosebush, Ross, Rourke, Rowe, Ruiter, Ruport, Rush/Rusk, Russell, Ruttan, Rutter, Ryckman, Ryerson

Sage, Sager, Sagriff, Salsbury, Samis, Sanderson, Saunders, Sawyer, Saylor, Schermerhorn, Schneider, Schriver/Scriver, Schryver, Schuyler, Schwartz, Scott, Scout,  Scouten, Seaman, Sear, Secord, See, Seeley, Semple Sero, Serviss, Sexsmith, Shales, Shannon, Sharbot, Sharp(e), Shaver, Shaw, Shelley, Sheperd, Sheridan, Sherwood, Shetlor, Shewell, Shewman, Shibley, Shipman, Shoemaker, Shoeman, Shorey, Shorts, Shouldice, Shurtliff, Sigsworth, Sills, Silverthorn, Silvy, Simcoe, Simmons, Simonds, Simpson, Simser/Silmeser, Sinclair, Sine, Sipes, Skelton, Slack, Slaven, Sloan, Slocum, Sloot/Slote, Smith/Smyth, Snetsinger, Snider, Snook, Soales, Soames, Somerton, Sommerville, Soules, Souter, Spafford, Spencer, Spooner, Sprague, Spring, Springer, Squire, Srigley, St.Cyr, St.John, Staats, Stafford, Stagg, Stalker, Staples, Staring, Stata, Steel(e), Steenburgh, Steers, Stephens, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stickle, Stickney, Stief,  Stimers, Stinson,  Stitt, Stocks, Stone, Stoneburgh, Stonehouse, Stoness, Storms, Storring, Story, Sweet, Swerdfeger, Switzer, Symonds

Tanner, Taverner, Taylor, Teal, Teeple, TenBroeck, Tennant, Terhune, Terrill, Terry, Terwillager, Teskey, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Thoms, Thomson, Thorn, Thornton, Throop, Tibbutt, Tice, Ticknor, Tobey, Tofflemire, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Tovell, Townsend, Tripp, Trousdale/Truesdell, Truax, Trueman, Trumble, Trumpour/Trumper, Tryon, Tubbs, Tufts, Turcotte, Turncliff, Turner, Tuttle, Tyler

Ubdegrove, Underhill, Unger, Urquhart, Utter

Vail, Valentine, Vallance, VanAllen, VanAlstine, VanBlarcom, VanBuskirk, VanCamp, Vance, VanClief, Vandebogart, Vandeburgh, Vandecar, Vandervoort, Vandewater, Vandusen, VanDuyn, Vanevery/Vanavery, VanHorn, VanKleek, Vankoughnet, VanLuven, VanOrder, VanScott, VanSickler, VanSlyck, Vanslyke,  Vanvalkenburg/VanVolkingburg, VanWert, VanWinkle, Varney, Varty, Vaughan, Veenstra, Vent, Vincent, Vine, Vos, Vrooman

Wagar/ Wager, Wainman, Waldec, Waldron, Wales, Walker, Wall, Wallbridge, Wallis, Walmsley, Walt, Walter, Wannamaker, Ward, Waring, Warner, Wartman, Washburn, Waters, Watson, Wattam, Way, Weagant, Weager, Weaver, Webster, Weekes, Weese, Welbanks, Welsh, Wemp, Wert, Wessels, Westervelt, Wetzell/Witzell, Whaley, Whan, Whattam, Wheeler, White, Whitehead, Whitesell, Whitley, Whittier, Wiggins, Wilcox, Wilde, Wilder, Wiley, Wilkins, Williams, Wilmot, Wilson, Wiltsie, Windover, Wing, Winter, Wolfe, Wolfreys, Wood, Woodcock, Woodruff, Woolsey, Worden, Wright, Wyatt

Yagar, Yarker, Yateman, Yates, Yeoman/Youman, Yerex, York, Yott, Youart, Young

Zimmerman, Zufelt

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