Sent to Services of Care

As per short term disability leaves from Shopify, I require text-based communications due to disability. Being told I need to call in furthers damage my wellbeing creating further costs for the tax payer.  I cannot afford to eat or be housed due to the cost of living and I refuse to be goaded into signingContinue reading “Sent to Services of Care”

Sale of Art

This is a disclaimer that, should [art/photos/content/writing/other] listed on [this site] or [social media/NFT Markets/Darkweb/Other] repositories be [sold/purchased/owned], I have not received compensation, and it has been sold without consent. Please contact directly for information surrounding marks of legitimacy, credit, rights agreements, other and to return any [art/photos/content/writing/other] to its rightful creator.

The State of Things

I’ve lost a lot by speaking about the issues, and it’s making me think we’re living in a remote dictatorship. If you haven’t been 100% supportive of Canada and it’s “leaders”, they try to kill you, especially if you’re one that can carry a child and have chosen not to. I am not yet married,Continue reading “The State of Things”

Straight-Up Nazi BS

Main concerns: Accommodation for Panic Disorder: Unmet Quality of Unit: Unaddressed Destruction of Possessions: Unclear Threatening/Shunning Behaviour by Landlord: Continuing I’m not posting this to “cause a scene”, but I am concerned for my welfare; I feel unsafe, the police and LTB have used misgendering as an attempted provocation while ignoring the contributing factors thatContinue reading “Straight-Up Nazi BS”