United Empire Loyalists

I believe there is marriage trafficking with the intent to keep the money in the UEL family, sometimes to the extent of in-marrying (my brother married his cousin, and I believe my family has been trying to kill me through medical trafficking, alternating between assault and neglect, due to refusal of relationships of politics).  IContinue reading “United Empire Loyalists”

Another Communication Attempt | City Officials

I have contacted local representation. There has been no reply. I’d appreciate assistance in advocating to provincial representatives the struggles those on ODSP face, the stigma in accomadated employment, and how the systems of support promote human trafficking through financial captivity and destabilization. The provincial representatives do not have time to respond to all citizenContinue reading “Another Communication Attempt | City Officials”

Sent to Services of Care

As per short term disability leaves from Shopify, I require text-based communications due to disability. Being told I need to call in furthers damage my wellbeing creating further costs for the tax payer.  I cannot afford to eat or be housed due to the cost of living and I refuse to be goaded into signingContinue reading “Sent to Services of Care”

Sale of Art

This is a disclaimer that, should [art/photos/content/writing/other] listed on [this site] or [social media/NFT Markets/Darkweb/Other] repositories be [sold/purchased/owned], I have not received compensation, and it has been sold without consent. Please contact directly for information surrounding marks of legitimacy, credit, rights agreements, other and to return any [art/photos/content/writing/other] to its rightful creator.

The State of Things

I’ve lost a lot by speaking about the issues, and it’s making me think we’re living in a remote dictatorship. If you haven’t been 100% supportive of Canada and it’s “leaders”, they try to kill you, especially if you’re one that can carry a child and have chosen not to. I am not yet married,Continue reading “The State of Things”

Straight-Up Nazi BS

Main concerns: Accommodation for Panic Disorder: Unmet Quality of Unit: Unaddressed Destruction of Possessions: Unclear Threatening/Shunning Behaviour by Landlord: Continuing I’m not posting this to “cause a scene”, but I am concerned for my welfare; I feel unsafe, the police and LTB have used misgendering as an attempted provocation while ignoring the contributing factors thatContinue reading “Straight-Up Nazi BS”