Oh, hello.

Hey, by now you’ve probably realized this is a website. MY website. If you haven’t, welcome to 1991. You made it Marty! But this isn’t Cern, and we’re not back to the future: this is my website. 

Shocker, I know. 

You may have also guessed that I design things, since both the site address and the top of this page say design. Not only that, but as a bonus I also like cats. I won’t burden you with the full extent of my fanatical love of felines (who am I kidding, it will come up at least once by the time you get to the end of this bio), but when I say I like cats, I mean I reaaaalllly like cats.

Anyways, thank you for not running away yet, I mean, if you’re reading this you must still be here right? …RIGHT?! 

So Who am I, Really?

I live in Ontario and I have an obsession with cats, witchy things, design, fitness, roller derby, all things pink, and real-ness.

“Real-ness” you say? How can one love realness, when it’s but a concept? Let me clarify, my kind companions.

I love anything that brings clarity, originality, honesty, and wonder back into the world. Especially design, because you probably don’t think about this all that often but someone designs everything you use and see. How do you think things become real? Do they just appear? Toothbrushes, computers, leggings, books, food, even those stickers on those bananas that are impossible to take off.

Someone made those (for some reason). 

A human (humans, even) took the time to put all these things together so you could enjoy them and how they look and function, instead of having those boring, dreary, un-fun things. Why choose mediocre, when you can choose spectacular?

Needless to say (and you’ve probably guessed it by now) but I’m not your average designer. You won’t get emails from me starting with “Dearest Client…” because everyone is just a soon-to-be-friend and moreover, we’re all humans and we want to communicate, not just output code like a computer. I wear a lot of hats and stay incredibly busy most of the time. I want to help out wherever I can with my eccentric skills.

Beep Boop.

You’re Probably Wondering What I’m On About…  

Alright, alright. This is what we call the carefree banter, and in many social situations this is the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks. I wanted to start with this to let you know I’ll be your human, not some soggy old sock that leaves your projects looking like it’s time to upgrade already.

If you’re looking for:

– Someone to take your project out of the box.

– Someone who will try a drawer of keys until we find the one that fits the lock.

– Someone to share some tea with.

…then pick up the phone or send me a text (or email) and we can get down to business making your project special.